Offically PGP

My name is staci [:

Hello there, My name is staci and on imvu known as staci2011
I'm single, 14, and from saint louis, missouri
I'm a weird/fun/outgoing person, who loves everything and anything new!
I totally love my phone..i have an LG RUMOR, i advise you get one, there amazing.
I love to watch movies with the person i am "seeing" at the time.
I hate guys who fuck me over, Yet i seem to be the girl who fucks guys over
I'm totally clueless when it comes to street names haha...

    Okay, So about my modeling career.  I am a model for PGP Pure Greatness Production owned by HawaiianNegro.  Check out the products!  I am Miss June for ChickaFlicka's calenders, so that's cool.  And yes..there is still more,  I own my very own modeling agency Tease, which i have put on the back burner to work for an agency, being PGP.  I just need to stop being in charge, worrying about other's careers, and focus on mine.

   So yeah...There's a contact box down there, Where you can contact me on my personal email